From the desk of Diana Furrow, senior reviewer:

Wouldn’t it be cool to find popular products that you could buy dirt cheap then turn around and sell for a tidy profit? I think so; it would be great to have the extra money coming in after working only a few hours of week from home. I’d have more time to spend with my family and more income for retirement (or maybe that Alaskan cruise we’ve always wanted to take…)

If you’re searching for products to buy at wholesale then sell on eBay, on a website, from a retail store — or just for yourself — you’ve probably come across ads for “never before revealed sources” of heavily discounted products that YOU, yes YOU, can buy for pennies on the dollar. And of course, they’re willing to sell you access to this “top secret” website or list.

Or maybe you’re interested in dropshipping, which is even more appealing since it offers the average person the chance to make a hefty profit by buying top products — including brand name products! — without having to invest thousands of dollars of inventory, shipping products, or manufacturing. And yes, there are gobs of “top secret” dropshipper lists and directories and websites, too.

I can tell you right now that 99% of these lists or books or packages or websites featuring wholesale suppliers and drop shippers are plain junk. And that’s not just my opinion; it’s backed up by no less than Chris Malta, the Product Sourcing Editor for eBay Radio.  (Skip the letter – go straight to the companies I recommend!)

I know this from personal experience, unfortunately. Like thousands of other people, I’ve tried to figure out a way to find a legitimate source for wholesale products; in my case, because I wanted to build an eBay HOBBY into an eBay BUSINESS. What I discovered is a huge and evidently very profitable niche industry built on scamming people like you and me who just want to find REAL wholesale or dropshipping suppliers to work with.

Let me tell you, I got fed up, fast. I knew there had to be legitimate sources for wholesale and dropshipped products; honest-to-goodness, in-demand stuff I could afford to buy and still sell for a decent profit.

Well, if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s doing research. So I looked into every wholesale or drop shipping website or list I could find. There are gazillions of them on eBay itself as well as 5,270,000 results when you do a search for “wholesale supplier” on Google. I scouted out the most popular sites and even contacted the site administrators with questions designed to convince them that I was a naive but serious “newbie” with a substantial sum of money I was willing to invest, if necessary.

Most of what I found ranged from useless info to downright fraud. I mean, there were sites and programs that promised the latest, most incredible wholesale supply list or dropship company list, and what I found instead were:

* outdated lists with links that didn’t work;

* “dealer networks” and “bulk wholesalers” who hide the fact that they’re actually MIDDLEMEN (who take their cut of the profit), not real, factory-authorized wholesalers (These are particularly common AND hard to identify.);

* several sites that linked to OTHER sites asking for more money for THEIR list (that one really burned me);

* sites that hid their contact information so it was impossible to ask questions or get support; and

* other amateurish, not-worth-the-time-or-money JUNK.

But notice that I said MOST of what I found was useless or fraudulent. Not all. There actually are a few reputable, legitimate sources of wholesale or dropshipping info! Halleluia!

These folks and their products or websites were impressive. They don’t hide who they are or disguise exactly where they came from. They have friendly, dedicated research staffs and tons of glowing testimonials. Even when I asked about them in unrelated online forums, I got very positive remarks. Most important, they had updated and legitimate lists of wholesalers and dropshippers who are willing to deal with small, home-based entrepreneurs, like most of us.

Now before I tell you who they are, I want to warn you about something. You’re not going to be able to access their info for 99 cents on eBay or $10 through some banner ad on a site your sister’s neighbor’s son’s girlfriend put up. These people — especially the company I’m most impressed with — charge more in the $50 to $100 price range. But hey, you get what you pay for (Mom was actually right about that!) These are legitimate businesses with staff and business expenses — of course they don’t give their information away. (Would YOU? Duh.)

Anyway… I’ve rambled on enough. I’M impressed enough to stop my research right here — I’ve found the legitimate wholesaler and dropshipper resource guides I was looking for. Now it’s time to translate that research into some INCOME!

I encourage you to check these out and do the same; don’t waste your time with the remaining 99% I told you about. And as these companies grow, get more customers and more suppliers, I expect them to raise their prices, which is another reason to get going now!

Whatever you choose, I sincerely wish you a happy and PROFITABLE future.



P.S. Almost forgot the most important part! The companies I found are:

1. Worldwide Brands This is the most comprehensive and helpful site you could ever HOPE to find, in my opinion, with several different directories, depending on whether you want to drop ship products or even buy smaller quantities of merchandise in bulk. (Not too many of us can start out buying 18,000 pair of shoes from a wholesaler!) There’s even a cool Market Research Wizard If you’re still skeptical, you can read a free ebook with the TRUTH about starting a home-based business on the Internet (including a whole lot of info about avoiding scams), so you can see how honest and up-front this company is. Click Here to Download this Free EBook!

2. The second source I found is newer but is developing an excellent reputation, and it’s the Salehoo: Wholesale Distributor Directory Their database contains over 1,000 records of wholesale suppliers offering all types of consumer goods, classified by SIC code. You can see samples of the savings on their site (quite a bit, like Gucci Ladies Underwear that retails for $49.95, which is available to Salehoo members for $8.47) You can even search their site by product categories!

3. This site is fairly new to me but has thousands of clients and some pretty impressive case studies and testimonials. Drop Ship Access is, as you might expect, a service that focuses on dropshipping; they offer more than 700,000 brand name products at wholesale prices. There’s a free 7 day trial (at least, at this time.) Website integration looks streamlined too – you set up a Prostores account, pick product categories from this company and your site is automatically updated. Probably work a try!

4. Finally, The Ultimate eBay Dropship Power Pak is a member’s only website whose database contains a wide variety of 2,300+ companies that sell dropship, wholesale, liquidation, closeouts, and discounted merchandise. Very impressive, and TONS of other useful tools and info at this site.  UPDATE: THIS SITE APPEARS TO BE CLOSED

You really don’t need to do ANY research beyond these – there are thousands of reputable vendors represented her; MORE than enough products for you, if you commit to using them to their fullest extent. Good luck!

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